Tejas: Nerve Care Cream – Nerve Damage, Muscular Strains and Injuries 50ml


Formulated using very potent ingredients that act to sooth and regenerate nerve fibres, heal muscle, tendon and ligament damage, abnormal bone growth [e.g. bone spurs] and stimulate blood flow to the area in order to quicken the healing process. Tejas Nerve Care Cream is primarily aimed at treating the debilitating symptoms of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Arthritis, Sciatica, D.I.S.H and Sports Injuries.

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  • Weight: 50.00gm

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Tags: Tejas: Nerve Care Cream – Nerve Damage, Muscular Strains and Injuries 50ml

  • Ingredients: Mango Butter, Kokam Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Hamamelis, Calendula, Rhus tox, Hypericum, Arnica, Bryonia, Kali sulph, Kali phos, Calc fluor, Hecla Lava, Wintergreen essential oil, Menthol crystal

  • Weight: 50ml

  • Important Note :

  • Usage Instructions:
    • For best results apply as soon as possible after the injury has occurred.
    • For acute injuries take care to rub well but gently into the injury site, but make sure that the muscles surrounding the injury site are well massaged with our Tejas Cream. If severe then you might apply a cold pack.
    • For long-standing problems rub/massage deeply into the affected area.
    • Apply Tejas at least 2 times a day. More if the injury is stiff or causes you a lot of pain or difficulty.
    • For long-standing injuries, it is best to apply moderate heat to the area in the form of a hot pad.
    • On sensitive areas conduct a skin sensitivity test by rubbing a little into a tiny portion of the sensitive skin and wait 24 hours.
    • If you have Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy then you ‘must’ get your sugar levels under control.
    • In long-standing cases of nerve damage please be advised that it will take diligent and regular use for up to 2 month to notice changes and a minimum of 6 months to notice more profound effects – due to the degree of nerve regeneration.
    • As a Special Note: If you simply want to pamper yourself and have a deep relaxing sleep have Tejas massaged into your back and shoulders prior to sleeping! The added bonus is that Tejas will work on a deeper level for you too!
    • Do not apply to broken or cut skin

  • Special Note:

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