Prana: Vein Care Cream – Veins, Skin Discoloration & Minor Nerve Damage 50ml


Formulated with potent ingredients that specifically target Varicose Veins and subsequent discolouration/hyperpigmentation as well as damage caused by varicose veins. Many people suffer from disfiguring and painful damage to their lower legs and feet from Varicose Veins along with difficulty walking and standing. Varices can lead to painful and dangerous blood clots or Thrombophlebitis to the superficial veins in their legs and other areas where varices appear and our Prana – Vein Care Cream seeks to treat this condition. Vaidyam Prana – Vein Care Cream has also been specifically formulated to target hyper-pigmentation/bruising/skin rashes, as well as minor nerve damage caused by varicose veins.

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  • Weight: 50.00gm

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Tags: Prana: Vein Care Cream – Veins, Skin Discoloration & Minor Nerve Damage 50ml

  • Ingredients: Kokum & Mango Butters and Coconut Oil. Horse Chestnut, Arnica, Hamamelis, Rhus Tox, Hypericum, Lachesis, Calendula Homoeopathic Medicines / Acacia Catechu, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Nelumbo Nucifera Ayurvedic Medicines / Kali Phos & Kali Sulph – Tissue Salts / Vit C Essence / Vit E Oil

  • Weight: 50ml

  • Important Note :

  • Usage Instructions:
    • For best results apply liberally twice daily, and massage thoroughly into the affected areas on your legs & feet. For better results use a stiff sponge to vigorously massage the cream into your skin. We also advise people to use our Body Butter intercurrently to keep your skin well moisturized. Please note that severe damage to veins and your skin from such conditions may take some time to heal and diligent application of Prana – Vein Care Cream will be required to effect the desired changes. If applying on sensitive skin areas please do rub a tiny bit into the area and wait for 24 hours to make sure there is no reaction.
    • Our Vaidyam Prana – Vein Care Cream is designed for Varicose Veins and in particular Hyperpigmentation with the additional benefit of having a strong action on rashes/dermatitis caused by varices. In most cases the varicose vein will not become ‘normal’ but our VCC will act to sooth and tonify the veins in order to 'not' make the condition worse over time, as well as, treat concomitant symptoms such as darkening of the skin around the varices or skin rashes that may be present.
    • Please note… there are no miracle cures and it will take some time and diligence in applying the creams to effect change.

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