All Natural Salted Jaggery Butter

  • Salted Jaggery butter is made with real fresh cream and Jaggery without adding any additives or preservative.
  • Spread can be spooned onto warm white bread, toast, or used as a topping for cakes and puddings. 
  • It can also be mixed into a milkshake or relished straight from the jar.
  • Give an extra jolt to your morning toast with this Jaggery spread.
  • ₹399.00
  • Weight: 0.25gm
  • Dimensions: 3.00in x 3.00in x 7.00in

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Storage & Usage: Keep it refrigerated, as it does not contain any synthetic preservatives.Always use a dry spoon to take out the butter from the bottle.Please ensure that the lid is fastened after consumption.

Ingredients: Fresh cream,jaggery, salt,water.No added colours, no added flavours,no added preservatives, no taste enhancers.No irradiation.

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