Health is the greatest wealth but in this fast-paced life, health has taken a back-seat. How to practise this motto in a day-to-day life? The solution is simple, some lifestyle modifications or rather food modifications.

We all know, most of our ancestors led a disease-free life and the greatest contributor to this is making healthy food choices - Organic, Fresh, Preservative-free and Additive-free. Most of the things we need to consider here is that we have omitted most of the healthy foodstuff from our menu that our ancestors used to it. For instance, ragi, jawar, bajra, barley…etc. to name a few. These grains are a rich source of fibre and protein, which is beneficial for weight-watches and diabetics as well, plus it contains a host of other vital nutrition’s like calcium, iron, magnesium…etc. Now, the question is, how to reap the benefits of all these in one-go? Well, mixing all these healthy flours along with your favourite veggies will not only enhance the taste but will also add nutritive value to your palette.

What about Fats? most of us fear fats. Well, all fats are not bad as we know it. For instance, Ghee, which is slowly being re-introduced in our kitchen. Desi-Ghee is always a better option than its commercial counterpart, since it has lower fat content. Till recent times, saturated fats was considered bad, but a growing research and most health experts are of the pinion that naturally occurring saturated fats, found in Ghee is not considered bad. Of course, moderation is the key. Similarly, Olive oil, Mustard see oil have many proven health benefits too. So, including these in your diet may assist to reap the optimal health benefits.

Indian food is considered tasteless without Spices. Cardamom, Cinnamon, Saffron, Clove, Cumin…etc. are the spices that not only make our food flavourful and aromatic, but it holds a lot of nutritional value too. For instance, Saffron – it is proven in various scientific studies, that it inhibits the various cancer forming cells in our bodies due to a compound carotene, which is responsible for most of its colour. Besides cancer, it has other medicinal values too – boosting memory, enhancing vitality, aids in protection against colds…etc. Other spices like cinnamon, which is aromatic sweet-flavoured, has a lot to offer in terms of health benefits. It is proven to be anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties, similar to this are cardamom, clove, cumin also.

All these spices hold a well-deserving place in our kitchen-shelf. Besides using them to enhance flavours, it can also be used to ward-off diseases. These are only some of the spices highlighted, not to forget our ancient turmeric, mustard seeds, paprika…etc. These are as usual, beneficial as we all know.

After a hearty meal, we all crave for something sweet. But we need to avoid it due to many health issues like diabetics, weight-gain…etc. How about adding some healthy sweetness in our lives? Well, yes you read it correctly. The following healthy and natural ‘sweet-mates’ not only satisfy our sweet tooth but also add a healthy boost to our overall wellbeing – Dates, figs, Raisins, Plums, Apricots…etc. These dry fruits are the richest source of anti-oxidants that fight free-radicals in our body responsible for many chronic diseases, Naturally sweet, high in fibre controls blood sugar…etc. These are anytime better sweets to curb sweet cravings Not to forget Honey and Jaggery, these are the ancient sweet substitutes that provide various health benefits too.

The above-mentioned culinary ingredients are just some of the drops in a ‘health-ocean’; which are mostly from our ancestors that need to be treasured by us. Not to forget the more natural and organic food we feed our body, more thankful it will be for years to come.