Eat Healthy – Live well
Eat Healthy – Live well

We all know some of the harmful effects of preservatives in packaged foods or mass-produced foods. Right from digestive disorders, nervous disorders, skin & respiratory issues to certain types of cancers. All these can be avoided by choosing homemade food stuff without eliminating it completely from our diet.

Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding a disease or fighting it. The longevity of our lives depends on what we feed our body. Eating homemade food stuff is the key to achieving it. But is it possible?

Well, yes, it is - if it’s made at home. The advantages of homemade food stuffs are that they are selectively and carefully hand-picked manually mixed and packed. For instance, homemade jams, pickles, squashes, chutneys, chocolates and health drinks…etc., all these carefully prepared in the comfort and hygienic environment of a homely kitchen. Hence, they are freshly prepared and delivered at your doorsteps and that too without any preservatives and MSG's. 

In the current scenario, where life-threatening diseases are prevalent, we need to reflect what we eat and follow our ancestor’s way of healthy eating.

This is the secret to a healthy and a meaningful life which takes us back to our roots. So, lets preserve our health by avoiding the preservatives in our food.