Expel– All Natural Insect Repellent 100ml


A safe and effective way to keep annoying and potentially deadly insects such as Mosquitoes from biting. Expel uses scientifically ‘proven’ and ‘safe’ ingredients such as Lemon Scent Gum & Lemon Grass (Citronella) to repel insects from landing on your skin.

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  • Weight: 100.00gm

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Tags: Expel– All Natural Insect Repellent 100ml

  • Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Corymbia citriodora (Lemon Scented Gum), Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) – Essential Oils.

  • Weight: 100ml

  • Important Note :
    • SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS : In particular with infants & children: Only apply to exposed skin, keep away from their eyes, nostrils, mouth or fingers.
    • Safety Precautions if you get the product in your eyes or sensitive skin areas.
    • Eyes: Milk, Yogurt or Cream
    • Sensitive Skin: Plain Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
    • Never try to use water to dilute the product.

  • Usage Instructions: Spray Expel All Natural Insect Repellent on any exposed skin. It is recommended that in areas which have a high volume of Mosquitoes to spray every half hour.

  • Special Note:

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