Wooden Dhola Maru Carved 12 inch Hand-Painted Curio

  • Carved Wooden Camel Riders Curio
  • Hand Painted in Vibrant colored design
  • Represents Indian traditional culture
  • Seasoned Kadam Wood (White Wood)
  • ₹2,459.60
  • Weight: 1.50gm
  • Dimensions: 9.00in x 4.00in x 12.00in

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- The statue of Rajasthani couple riding a camel in all its grandeur and pomp is shown in the skill of the craftsmanship on 'Kadam' wood (Botanical Name: Neolamarckia cadamba)
- The whole statue is carved out of a single wooden piece. Perfect for gifting or to have at your own home. It can be a beautiful gift article for any occasion
- This Kadam Wood Curio is an ancient craft originally practiced on ivory and now adapted to different kinds of wood as well. The community of Ivory carvers still known as “Hast daant waale” from Rajasthan have over the centuries evolved their craft to carving on wood as well
- The craftsmen create decorative artifacts, jewellery and utility products like lamps, boxes, photo frames and pen stands out of finely carved wood.using sharp tools
- Generally the master craftsman makes the drawings, after which the male artisans do the carvings and the women paint them
- Wood is seasoned naturally by exposing it to changing weather conditions for many days. Hence, the statues are usually long lasting and sturdy
- The designs and motifs are usually derived from architectural details of temples and other elements representing the Indian culture

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